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Selling a Home During the COVID 19 Pandemic 

These are the guidelines that I will be following in regards to the procedure of listing your home for sale.  (as of May 8, 2020)
  1. As much of the listing appointment that can be done electronically, will be done that way.
  2. Allow for social distancing for listing photos.
  3. A COVID 19 Addendum will be presented to sellers to review and add to the listing agreement.
  4. Showings must be by appointment and no overlapping appointments.
  5. Buyers will be limited to a maximum of 4 persons in attendance (including the agent).
  6. There will be no "in-person" Open Houses.  A virtual Open House can be attempted.
  7. All showing persons must maintain a 6ft social distance as much as possible.
  8. More detailed photos of the home will be taken and photo descriptions will be added in the MLS in order to provide a better online experience to hopefully only allow showings to very serious buyers.
  9. Sellers are asked to not be present at showings and open all doors, blinds and drapery for the appointment.  All lights should be turned on as well to limit the least amount of touching possible.
  10. Masks and gloves are encouraged on showing appointments.
  11. Sellers should be prepared to disinfect/sanitize their home after showings. (Lockbox and key if possible as well)
  12. Sellers are responsible to notify me if anyone in the home has been sick, exposed to anyone who has been sick, or has been in quarantine recently.  Showings may have to be postponed.
  13. Offers can be done electronically and preferred.
  14. Allow for social distancing for inspections and appraisers.  They will also ask you to prepare your home by opening all doors, blinds, drapery and turning on all the lights.  Attic access and access to other specifics may be requested.
  15. Closings can still occur.  As much as possible will be done electronically.

Any questions, feel free to reach out to me at or 586-899-6666