You have been searching for the perfect condo, but have you considered your parking options in the complex?  While you are looking at a unit to purchase, you are probably only considering parking for your own vehicle.  You might find some complexes with garages or carports, but some only have parking spots out in front of the unit.  Sometimes they will be marked with the unit number, and sometimes it's just understood.  When you are looking to buy a condo, you will want to know how many parking spots are assigned to your unit, and where they are at.  What happens if someone is parking in your assigned spot?  What if you need a handicapped spot?  Things to consider when out shopping.

Do you ever want to have guests over?  You will also want to know where the guest or visitor parking is at.  Does your guest have to park behind your car that's in the garage?  Does your guest have to walk some distance from their parking spot to your condo?  Does your guest have a great spot in front of your unit?  Maybe there is no parking at all for your guest?  Maybe there is no overnight parking in your complex?  This is something that sometimes gets forgotten when you are buying a condo.  Add "check the parking spaces" to your buying checklist.

You may even want to get your parking arrangements in writing when you purchase your condo.  There are often "no parking fire lane" signs exactly where everyone wants to park.  Do you want to get towed or worse yet, not allow emergency vehicles to get access to your unit?

Check the bylaws or call the association if you are not sure.  Parking might become an issue if that's important to you.  It's also something to think about one day when you want to sell.  It will make your unit more attractive if you can offer that information to a buyer when you are ready.