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Pre-Approval Checklist

One of the first steps to buying a home is to find out if you can financially afford to buy a home and what amount you can actually afford and manage.

Having a pre-approval makes you a stronger buyer when writing an offer.  If you find out that you are searching for a home in the price range that you cannot afford, you are wasting everyone's time.

Common Documents that you will need to provide to a lender for a home mortgage pre-approval

  • Income Statements - Pay Stubs, W2s, Profit and Loss Statements 
  • Federal Tax Returns - Normally the last 2 years
  • Social Security and Disability Award Letters
  • Bank Statements - Normally the last 2 months 
  • Retirement Statements
  • Valid Driver's License or State Identification
  • Divorce Decree, Bankruptcy Documents, Foreclosure or Short Sale Documents, if applicable

Getting this process done early is good planning.  You may have found something on your credit report that needs to be taken care of or you need to find documents that you haven't been keeping.  A prepared buyer is a good buyer!