Snow Sledding

Sledding is a very popular thing to do during the winter months when it snows here in Michigan.  Did you know that Clinton Township is home to a sledding hill?  It is located near the Civic Center Park just off Romeo Plank and north of Clinton River Road.  Not all cities have one!  This sledding hill is open to everyone.  You do not have to be a resident of Clinton Township to enjoy it.  

The sledding hill does have certain guidelines that you need to pay attention to.  The walk from the parking lot is pretty far too, but that is all part of the fun!

Some sledding tips:

1.  Make sure to dress warm!  Definitely a hat, extra gloves and a scarf.  Your face will probably get chapped from the wind and sprays of snow while sliding down the hill.  Don't rule out a possible tumble at the bottom with a face full of snow as well!  Warm boots with extra socks inside is a must!  We always had blankets in the car to wrap up in when we were done with hot chocolate!

2.  Get your sled/tube early in the season!  Once the snow starts to hit, the sleds will fly out of the stores.

3.  Try taking the sled down with 2 riders!  It makes it a lot more fun!



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